Saturday, 10 October 2015

Amazing new creations from Ashcott

Yet again it has been my pleasure to see these young people create some really imaginative work over the last couple of terms. Here's a roundup of their work.

I believe this was Luca's Tumbleweed. I really like the simplicity. I'm always telling the children to really simplify their ideas - they usually come out better that way:

A group of the children worked together on this animation with a neat storyline.:

Here are a few fantastic pivot animations:

Of course, the 10 lives of death, from Emma:

 Followed by Emma's Dancing Bob:

This next animation is one of the best that I've seen. Bissy spent weeks creating this, and it has 850 frames. All the multicoloured food was individually created and put in place by Bissy who showed a huge about of patience. Well done:

I also re-introduced the children to ABCYa animation. As usual, they prefer the newer one, with all the stenils. Freddie used these to make a fun animation:

Scratch project

And then there's more. Here's a link to Emma's Epic 'pong' game. Well done for creating this, Emma:

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