Thursday, 4 August 2011

Simulation and Modelling Games and Activities

Disaster Modelling

Design your own Room

Coffee Shop

Lemonade stand

I've scoured the earth to find good lemonade stand lessons and resources. Here are the best.
Downloadable version:
Copies of the same game:

Simpler app version

Simpler addition game

Theme park games

Great physics simulator

A bit of a cheat - not directly a learning game:

Simulations that use Maps
Shipping simulator

Tom Scott Real world racer

Google Goggles

Web cams

The original (almost) Game of Life - explains population growth

Just stumbled on John Conway's Game of Life. Proposed in the 70's, this website models the principles

And this one models fire in a forest, based on changing probabilities:

Play God - Build a planet
Build a solar system - if only it were that easy!

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