Thursday, 26 January 2012

Comic Generators

Read Write Think

A basic comic creator, only options to print. No login necessary


Recently improved with about 30 characters and objects, scalable and 'flipable'. Print or email.  No login needed.

Go Givers

Several backgrounds and characters. Clever scaling as characters are moved. Requires and email address to get into. print or mail.

A new one - Stripgenerator

I think I need to check this out fully, but it makes realyl quirky, quite punky comic strips. As far as I can see it needs login to download, but lets you save as anonymous...


Requires java. More complex animation, using similar technique to cartoon makers above. Place objects, start 'recording, and move objects - movement is recorded. Set timer to beginning to add another object and animate it over the same time.

Includes many backgrounds, character sets, and speech bubbles etc.

email only - to save needs membership.

Pivot Stickfigure animator

Deceptively simple. (Free download from

Includes ready made figures and letters, and lets the user make new figures (using only circle and straight lines). scale, colour and move figures, uses stop frame animation, with onion skin to see last frame position.

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