Saturday, 4 February 2012

E-Safety resources.

Useful resources to help decide what is or is not appropriate to watch
Website with individual ratings and explanations about many popular films, games and websites.

Interestingly, most IMDB film reviews have a parent advisory sections now. Viewers are asked to describe, without comment , on key aspects that you might be considering if viewing with a child (violence, swearing etc). Many are very well covered. Look for the Parent Advisory section on the film's page, or search for the word 'parent' to find it.

Think U Know
Great resource for help and advice, as well as games


Older Students
Using an email Account
Based on a pretend email account. Helps to think about settings and how to respond to inappropriate communicaiton.

More appropriate for year 7 and 8

The thin line between innocent and inappropriate...

Video quiz from MTV. Probably most appropriate for Year 7 upwards.
sound needed.

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