Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Times Tables

100 Squares
I think these are really important for learning your times tables, as well as younger children getting an idea of the repetitiveness of, or the patterns in, the 100 square.

I've just found this lovely interactive 100-square, to help see the patterns in times tables. Basic, but useful:

Another interactive one here.

This is probably all you need for children to colour in, though, and this website prints 2 to a page. Very good.

There are other useful math's number templates from the same website here.

There are lots of games for times tables out there, but I think it's important to focus on a few sums/ number facts at a time, otherwise none of them will stick. Here's a few that I think could be good:

Fill in the grid

A times-table grid

Ways of learning times tables
Times tables facts

Great advice on really cutting the challenge down to size

and these are the 21 times tables facts you'll need to learn:

I like what they're saying. Start easy, add a very little at a time. It's surprising how far small steps can take you.

This just makes great sense

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