Tuesday, 22 January 2013

LOGO programming

Beginning with LOGO

For years I've taught programming. I like that you can take it further and create procedures and do some clever stuff with sound (see this post for more details)

I was thinknig of gonig back to logo for a younger group, and here's some resources I've found of 'playing' with LOGO online:

Game / Challenges with LOGO

and here's a Turtle logo version

A really super programming game here. Instruct the robot to move to the correct place:

LOGO as you've never seen it before - LOGO with music.

LOGO is a free, opensource programming language written in the 1960's for univercity students. It does some very technical things, but mostly it's used as an introduction to programming or to teach angles in maths.

For a few years I took Gifted and Talented classes in ICT, and wanted to do something a bit different with programming. I know a little about music from listening to my kids music lessons, so I put the two together to make a lesson for year 5 or 6 pupils programming in LOGO, building up to programming a lovely tune like 'twinkle twinkle little star'. Lovely.

Here's the file I developed to guide pupils though to writing music in LOGO.

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