Friday, 15 March 2013

Amazing Animation

Thanks to all the wonderful children at the Ashcott Animation Club.

This is their first term, and we have really whizzed across with so many different types of animation. Remember,
1. Animation takes about 15 pictures per second!!!
2. Each of these was made in less than one hour, and each was a first attempt at each method.

Brilliant work, kids!

Guinnie - Lovely, deceptively simple fireworks, and then a missed Karate kick!

Ethan - Here's Ethan's first drawn gif, and some scary dinosaurs using pivot animation.

Jacqueline - More super fireworks, and this very inventive caterpillar (drawn with an impressive soundtrack hummed/acted out in the background!)

Trystan - Great comedy 'splat' and a simple, but really effective number sequence!


Really quirky drawn animation, then a great use of Pivot letters...


I really love this drawn animation - it has such a great style; it looks like Luke has drawn it using coloured pens. Great. Fun pivot animation, too.


This may look simple, but Ben worked really hard to find a way to move the car. Well worth the effort!


Two very fun, and confidently drawn animations. Great work.


Another bold and bright drawn animation, and I must ask Zak what his link is with Scotland!


Ronnie really likes pivot, and these are both really colourful pieces!

And here are their first every stop motion animations - remember - one second takes about 15 pictures!

I think this is really super, Trystan! Well done.

Brilliant work, Zak


Maisy, Guinnie and Jacqueline worked really hard on this.


We watched this film, and it inspired the girls to make this


I hope to add the last few next week, and here are a few unnamed - I'll get these all arranged next week!

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