Thursday, 11 April 2013

Painting, Drawing and Animation

Paint Programs

A few possible drawing programs, as I am having difficulty making portable:   requires sign up to save files, but you can export and save as png without registering. Online working.

free and opensource paint program for children:

I was looking for a simple online paint program that include text, image re-sizing  and for small images that are zoomed in, anti-aliasing off. Also saving to my computer in a chosen format (often I need .gif)

I usually use PAINT.NET, and now have a portable version, it's really powerful, but easy to stat using.

There are online programs I've found that may work as well...

slightly harder to use:

Other programs that work really well include: 
Possibly too complex for younger children...
very well regarded, lots of support material, but doesn't save as a gif.

beautiful, but quite specialist use: 

Drawing and collage apps

Drawing apps

Create weird or beautiful picure from the pieces you are given

Cute drawing app

Create magic eye picures

Cute, simple


Drawing programs - does exactly what it says on the tin!

Drawing pad

Weird, beautiful

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