Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Run Your Classroom Like Clockwork!

Soundscapes for a calm classroom

I heard about this website last week, which has beautiful, calming soundscapes of about 7 different environments. I found it really helped quieten the class, especially listening to the garden

Looked for similar ones, and here's a few good ones: - does exactly what it says on the tin, though I think we have enough rain...

And this one really is super! Make your own sound-mix, and very relaxing options.

Online Whiteboards

Here are two online whiteboards that you can use for free, no sign-up needed. And then you can share.
This first one, really, is BRILLIANT!! Just share the web address and you both see the same page in real time

This second one is slightly more flexible in what you can draw, but you have to save the screen, and the other users can only see what you have saved, not collaborate on the same screen. It says you can have up to 10 users at the same time, so perhaps I'm mistaken:

Finally, a blackboard. It's cute, but not as useful, I think

Timers and stopwatches

great choice here - (you have to look past the adverts)

Cool and Beautiful(possibly useless) Clocks

I remember when I first found this one.

and I could watch this for hours:

I've been searching for more quirky clocks, and here are a few:
(try the chaos option!)
cm'on, isn't that beautiful?

And I wouldn't normally just copy a link to links, but this seems to be too good to miss:

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