Thursday, 11 April 2013

Spreadsheet fun (yes, honestly!)

I'm looking for some interesting ideas for spreadsheets to show their general awesomeness.

I always open with showing just how amazingly BIG a spreadsheet is.

Then I go to how amazingly FAST a spreadsheet is (How many times have I seen you doing.... 3 timer per hours, 5 hours per day, 5 days per week, 45 weeks per year... etc) always gets a gasp.

I really like doing a quiz based on =IF(   ) function. It blows the kids away.

I have a template that I use myself (I usually get the kids to build it up themselves), but here's a page of templates that I might use for a less able group:

and here are some other instructions

I'm looking for new ideas for younger groups, so here's some links I've found around the net:


Simon Haughton
I'm hoping to keep away from a 'classroom' style classroom for this series of sessions, but these are really fantastic at building up the complexity of spreadsheets.

A list of graph questions and yes/no questions.

Are we there yet...Use a spreadsheet to record distances between places.

Something for older children...or maybe not...?

My daughter was asking last week how to make a pictogram in excel. Here it is:
(She's just informed my she's already got the answer. Oh)

Fastfood calorie counter

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