Thursday, 11 April 2013

Web programming workshop no 2

This is ME!

I've wanted to complete this project for ages, and a new workshop opportunity has given me the reason to get on with this. The final project will look like this:

The end result will be based on this page (I might try playing with is before the day to move the feet in a bit!), with 5 pictures of each child: a head (but no faces shown), body, hands and feet.

The session will begin by showing the planned project, and explaining that each web page will have the pupil's pictures and a short recording of the answers to different questions.

Copy 1 folder per pupil containing: This is me web page, an 'images' folder containing dummy pictures and a 'sounds' folder containing dummy sounds
Ensure pupils have access to Audacity portable.

What will the pupils be learning/Thinking

  • Many of the parts of this project are fairly easy, but together this makes are really complex project.
  • There is some scope for imaginative thinking both with the answers to the questions and the 'name plate'
  • Pupils will need to think of imaginative answers to the questions  - this is not an exercise in creative 'writing' but in creative language. I don't want writing ability to get in the way of what they want to say.
  • Pupils will need to take photos (and can retake these later to improve once the project is working), which is simple, but these need to organised and renamed accurately.
  • Pupils can get away without editing the web page, but there is an opportunity for pupils to take this further if they want to 'break into' the code.

The process:
1. Pupils will need to brainstorm the answers to these questions:

  • Things I'm really good at
  • Things I really like to do
  • Things that scare me
  • My favourite things
  • and another question....

2. Pupils need to draw a 'name plate' that they will show instead of their face. It can be brightly coloured or have a pattern.

3. Pupils need to take 5 pictures of themselves in partners/groups.

4. Teacher needs to upload these pictures and they need to be put into an images folder for the correct pupils and renamed (pupils should be able to do this)

  • head
  • middle
  • lefthand       (no spaces)
  • righthand
  • leftfoot
  • rightfoot

These will match the names the web page is looking for.

5. Pupils need to prepare what they will say to answer their questions, and then record, using Audacity. Simple record and save. Files need to be called: (and saved in pupils 'sounds' folder)

  • question1  (no spaces)
  • question2
  • question3
  • question4
  • question5

6. Bug-fixing. It won't work first time!


  • Pupils can adapt the 'text' attribute of the pictures to show when the pictures are hovered over.
  • Change the background colours using hexadecimal codes (
  • Add text in the blank cells
  • Improved pictures / new design completely based on the same template.

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