Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Creative Club

This is my absolute favourite game ever. I can find no really reason when grown children or adults should go on it, but it makes me smile so much!

Animate, using photos or pictures,

Scratch   to download the program and for lets of help.

Build a comic  - Im' not sure about this one

Things to do with sound
A different type of point and click game - you'll work it out soon enough!

Music Machines

Beautiul games
Point and click game. Beautiful.
More by the same people
Simple Machines
Another point and click story

English and Maths Games
Brain Safari

Building animals and people

Where will you go...zoom in and pick up the little man - wander around the streets...


etch-a-sketch - cool!

Avatar Yourself!
Picasso me
Cool Avatar maker
Dopple me!
Lego avatar
Build your wild self
Wii yourself
Simpsonise yourself!
Really don't know what this is...

Some beautiful, some weird. Try the scared song.

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