Monday, 6 May 2013

Spreadsheet and VBA workshop

Fun with numbers.

After a recent post that I wrote about fun things you can do with spreadsheets, I've decided for my last of 4 'active lectures' at Hambridge University with this group, I'm going to do some work on spreadsheets - some fun and games, then some VBA coding to go behind the scenes.

What will the students be learning/thinking?

  • The shear size and power of spreadsheets in terms of volume and complexity.
  • Using 'functions' or pre-programmed words, especially =sum(  ), =if(  )
  • Writing simple macros to automate jobs
  • Writing more complex macros
Check Excel is available

Try to go to the end and bottom, discuss size. Calculate in a spreadsheet.
Open this spreadsheet and have a little play.

Further steps
This spreadsheet will allow you to make a quiz using a simple =if (   ) function. Make a 'SATs' quiz - I don't care what the questions are!

Next steps - starting with Macros. 

Use this worksheet to guide through creating macros in Excel

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